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Hello, Deviantart. It's sure been a long time since I used this site. I'll admit, I lost interest in this site for the longest time, but I think I'm ready to finally return. But as much as I want to continue on this account, I can't. I feel like it's best for me to just move to a new account and start over art wise. It was actually kind of hard to hide all my previous artwork, and un-watch a lot of people, which I only did since what's the point of getting messages on an account you won't use anymore. Looking back, I can't believe how many friends I have met through this site, and all the talented artists too. Guess I just needed to remember that.

There's a chance I'll be more active here, but I might make a Tumblr page later on that'll act as a hub of where you can find my work, since this won't be the only place I post stuff.. As of now, I only have one submission on my alt/new account. ...From 3 months ago. I'm not in an artistic slump or anything like that, I just forgot what being an artist meant; It means drawing for fun, and for yourself. And eventually profit. Seeing so many people make money for drawing made me feel like it would be the only way to make any (aside form getting a job, which I plan on getting in the coming month). Now this isn't me saying I just wanted money so I can buy stuff, I plan on using it for stuff like trying to move out of this dumpy house for example. Moneys been a bit tight lately.  Looking back, Deviantart reminded me of how it felt to draw for fun rather than profit, which is one of the reasons I decided to come back. The other, well, let me put it this way; If I can accept the flaws of a site I love, what's to stop me from accepting the flaws of a site I used to love? That logic is the number one reason I came back. No site is perfect. If there's nothing wrong with the site, there's something wrong with the staff, if it's not the staff, it's the community, etc. . 

To be honest, I'm surprised my watcher count is still between the 220 range. I figured it would've been a small amount by now. Sort of sucks having to leave a nice number of watchers like that just hanging around a now inactive account, but I made my decision, and believe me, it was hard to come to a conclusion. Thank you for all of those who stayed to support me all these years. Here's to a new chapter. The new account;

P.S., I'm no longer into MLP. I'm full Furry-trash now.

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